Part Of the Family

When you lose a family member it is one of the toughest things that can happen. Yes they live on in our memories for a few generations to come. There are many times of losses in life, death being one of the most painful. Recently the was a sigfnificant loss in my home, not necesarily a family member in human form but a furry friend. she was 14 years old and she had lived a long happy life. It was only towards the last few months that she experienced a loss of stamina and spunk. It is true that young dogs give older dogs energy. In our house I believe this was the case. My younger dogs, Chance 10 and Randy 4, gave Sophie 14 the energy and play that she needed and wanted. Up until the last day of her life she had pretty good appetite and still had some sporadic interest in running down a tennis ball. It is with this post that I say farewell to my furry friend and family member Sophie. I believe with all my heart that there is a place for these furry creatures of God. That they have spiritual value and they too pass to a better place. Some refer to it as the “rainbow bridge”. It is my hope that this place, this spiritual dimension is somewhere in heaven because our pets only live an average of 10-15 years. So during the average lifetime of an animal lover we will lose a few furry friends. As for me, I will have a kennels worth if I live to my life’s expectancy. Sophie I will see you again…………….


Well I figured I would write an update on Sophie my brown Lab Dalmation mix. She now 12 years old. She is still on Proin for her bladder incontinence and she is doing well she has been taking it for about three years now. I recommend this as a lifesaver…literally a papertowel saver otherwise you go through quite a bit of papertowels throughout the day because of the leakage that goes on. Her health is stable and she still plays in the yard.

dump all 9-3-10 192

Chance the cocker spaniel is nine years old and getting some hip dysplasia and Randy is well….. taking over the pack ( he is the teenager in the bunch). He is the leader of all hunting expeditions in the yard and has killed a snake ( black racer) , a squirrel ( twice his size), a blue jay ( the nest was within his reach), a yellow rat snake ( dont ask) and a big grey rat ( I guess after he killed the snake… the rat was free to roam) . Before you start thinking that I have rats running around please note I live with a rather large forest behind me that shorelines into a lake so thats where the rat came from. okay so everyone is doing well.

I was just out in the yard today thinking about how well my dogs get along and how dogs in general are pack animals. With the arrival of each new dog there was a period of “acceptance” the usual butt smelling and walking around each other in circles to “figure” each other out but in a few minutes everything gelled and off they went to play in the yard. …or enjoyed a meal together.

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Humans do the same thing when someone NEW comes into the picture be it the work place ( the new girl in the mail room or the new clerk typist or the new doctor on staff) or at the family gathering ( someone’s new girlfriend or boyfriend). Not unlike my dogs there is a period of adjustment and feeling out this new person’s personality, thier physical appearance etc. In essence the equivalent of the circle butt smell okay “let go play” routine.

However humans are significantly more harsh. Sometimes we are very critical, sometime unforgiving of the faulth of others. Why are we so tough; when the person is a new comer, we jump to conclusions without giving them a true chance. Perhaps we should pause before speaking and not “judge the book by its cover”, at times we do not think independently enough to even figure out what our own opinion is of that person and we just hook on to what everybody else is thinking. Many times this is the case and we are at a loss in terms of developing our own viewpoint.

Lets take some time to see for ourselves the good in others. As is titled this posting…the passage of time is a sure thing in life and we should make the most of those good things around us. That includes the precious gift of people that surround us. We can learn something from everyone we meet because everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has been through something. People are inherently interesting…if we have enough patience to really listen not just hear them but listen.

Let’s be more patient, kinder and more positive. Let’s take less time to judge others ( circle, butt smell, okay let’s play) and just welcome them in for a while and then develop a more accurate picture.

My dogs do that…with a quickness and off they go to play with the new dog……there hasn’t been a rejection yet. Dogs are smart we should follow their lead. Love first…judge later….if ever.

Okay I know its been a year and a half since I have written anything. The year 2012 was a life changing year to say the least and I hesistate to write all that happened but suffice it to say LIFE throws curve balls, give us lemons and well you get the idea. So here I am again in a new mindset with a newly revised outlook on like. Stay tuned for some very interesting things to come. Thanks for checking out the blog and please leave comments so I know YOU are out there still. Soon to come…… thoughts on the subjects of health, marriage and divorce, new friends, old friends, coupons, travel, changes in the economy, what defines us and everything in between.

Merchandise Everywhere

After spending almost an hour and a half in the check out line today…yes 1 1/2 hour. I guess I should explain before I go any further. We are on a trip…for Christmas and its a very tropical destination. The sun was not only hot but BLAZING hot and I forgot my sunglasses…so I the middle of a family backyard get together….I went to the corner department store to buy something anything to cover my eyes and ….yes try to look a little stylish in the process. Anyway so I’m in the check out line..there are about 30 people in front of me so I prepared myself for the “journey” towards checkout. I entertained my mind so it wouldn’t turn to mush by observing and ahem… people watching. Directly  in front of me was a couple with NO shopping cart and four arms full of “stuff”. the check out line in the store was set up to make a zig zig shape to prevent theft and entice the customer to buy yet more stuff before making it to the line of cashiers. through the zig zag maze we all went with both sides of the waiting lien lined with knick knacks and things that people dont need..like boxed cookies with a thousand fat grams and sugar….candles with odd shapes and glitter….thousand upon thousands of the ever popular ear buds..including wonder wonman ear buds. well the two people in front of me managed to amass $50 dollars worth of things just standing in the line and moving forward. i couldn’t believe it they just kept grabbing more and more stuff. they were literally shopping for Christmas in the line. Now here’s the kicker when the almost got to the check out point they decided to go through ALL the items in the possession…sor tthem out and promptly leave about half on the floor…YES on the floor right before the last turn to reach the cashier. Unbelievable. Hopefully everyone reading this blog had a joyous Christmas and only bought sparingly. the meaning of Christmas is not in buying……..but sharing of ourselves with others. Like the love of Jesus for all of us.

Sophie is our labrador dalmation mix. She is 63 yrs old in doggie years and 9 yrs old in human years. She still beautiful and playing. Her younger brothers keep her going. Lately we had some health issues with her but she is fine now………..a little incontinence but it was quickly addressed by our knowledgeable vet. A prescription of one pill a day of Proin and she was brand new……we were going through paper towel rolls and toilet paper by the dozen.

Sophie ...sweet Sophie!

this is precious Chance he was a rescue and his birthday is November the 15th , this year Chance is 5 years old.